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Oregon State Football: Beavers Rebound Nicely Against Arizona State

The Oregon State Beavers put together an excellent performance against the Arizona State Sun Devils to get back on the winning track after their upset loss in Washington.

Steve Dykes

What most impressed you by Oregon State's rebound performance against Arizona State?

Jon Irwin, Northwest Sports Beat: They dealt with their injuries really well. Vaz had a solid performance, and the secondary was very good without Poyer (allowing just 153 yards passing). But I was most impressed with Terron Ward's explosion (146 yards rushing). Do the Beavs now have a running back controversy?

James Crabtree-Hannigan, Building the Dam: That they had to rebound not only from the Washington game, but also the terrible first quarter the Beavs struggled through against the Sun Devils. Them not rolling over after some of the worst football they've played impressed me quite a bit. On a bit more specific note, how could you not be impresssed by Terron Ward's breakout performance.

What do the Beavers still have to improve on and get better at to beat the best teams in the conference?

Jon Irwin, Northwest Sports Beat: They have to find some offensive consistency, and that all comes back to the o-line. If they can play better up front, it'll resonant through the whole offense-better run blocking and better quarterback protection.

James Crabtree-Hannigan, Building the Dam:
The offense has to stop going missing for chunks of the game. It seems every game the Beavs spend a significant amount of time unable to move the ball, until they remember how to do so. Teams like the Cardinal and the Ducks can put a game out of reach during that time.

Andy Wooldridge, Building the Dam: By the best teams in the conference, you mean Oregon. The defense is going to have to do a better job of containing a running quarterback. Taylor Kelly was Arizona St.'s leading rusher, with 80 yards, and while he's very mobile, and a good rusher, he's not Marcus Mariota. The best of the best of the on the run QBs can take advantage of a weak spot in the Oregon St. defensive system, and that can transform the game.