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Oregon State Football Recruiting: Beavers Land Pretty Solid Group

The Oregon State Beavers managed to secure the signing of several solid defensive backs and landed some under-the-radar targets in Texas.


How does this year's Oregon State football recruiting class look? AndyPanda of BuildingThe Dam recaps the situation.

The Beavers' biggest get is the only 4 star commit they received, Dashon Hunt from Westlake, CA, 1 of 5 DB in the class. Oregon St. did also land all 4 verbals from Texas, including a pair of big running backs in 225 lb. Lawrence Mattison, and Damien Haskins, who had 4.4 40 speed at 213 lbs., due in no small part to their Alamo Bowl trip.

The recruiting class, ranked #46 in the country by ESPN, covers a variety of needs, and includes 5 who plan to pursue Track and Field as well, proving the new T&F facility is paying dividends as well. ranks the recruiting group #37 nationally, the same as Utah's.

We talked more with Andy about the development of the Beaver recruiting class and what are the best attributes of the team.

How well do you think Oregon State filled positions of need in this class? Are there any places they came up short?

Oregon St. made their defensive backfield a priority, and got 8 players, 4 specifically that are corners. Coach Mike Riley was excited about that, after having to make corners out of safeties and receivers here of late. But the Beavers came up short in a couple positions of need. The offensive line is very thin, and got thinner after a transfer, but only signed 2. Another thin spot is MLB, and they didn't get anyone, losing out to Cal on the best MLB coming out of the state this year.

With their playing much more nickel and dime, the position isn't occupied a lot of the time, but its still a concern as far as depth goes. Also, all the DTs the Beavers signed ar JCs, so in the next couple of years they are going to be back in the market for more DTs.

Who would you say is the biggest impact Oregon State recruit in this recruit?

It will probably be CB Dashon Hunt, the Beavers' only 4 star recruit. He could step in immediately for graduated All-American Jordan Poyer (and somebody is going to have to.)

If you were to rank Oregon State's position in the Pac-12 recruiting hierarchy, it would be ______ because ______.

Towards the top of the bottom half. The various recruiting sites rate Oregon St. about #8 on average, and I think that's accurate. Despite a good year, and a good bowl game, Oregon St.still loses most head to head battles with anyone in the top half of the conference.
Corvallis doesn't compete as far a glitz and glamour goes, and that matters to many recruits who can get into as good a program that has a more exciting profile.

The player I think will make the most immediate impact for the Beavers is ____________ because ________.

If it isn't Hunt, as discussed above in #2, its going to be by some of the JC DTs, because Oregon St. graduated both starters. One of them is likely to be Kyle Peko, who the coaches seem particularly high on.

Who are the under the radar recruits to watch for in this class for UW who could be on the field sooner rather than later?

I haven't analyzed Washington's entire recruiting class in depth yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if OG Andrew Kirkland, whom the Huskies got out of the state of Oregon, and away from the Beavers, shows up sooner than later. Washington was and still is thin and not all that good on the offensive line, and they only signed 3 in that position group. There are job openings available to be filled.

For more signing day coverage, here's my review at SB Nation. Watch at 1:19:35 for Pac-12 Signing Day coverage.