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Oregon State Beavers football schedule: Ranking opponents from easiest to toughest

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(Take a look at schedule rankings from schools like Arizona, Arizona State, Cal and Oregon)

12. Weber State (Friday, September 4): The Beavers have struggled with FCS opponents every now and then. This game could tell us a lot about what Oregon State is capable of this season.

11. San Jose State (September 19): San Jose State should be a fairly easy non-conference matchup for the Beavers.

10. Colorado (October 24)
: The Buffs are going to be the underdogs, but if Oregon State isn't careful enough they will be happy

9. at Washington State (October 17):
The trip to Pullman could be a bowl elimination match for the Cougars and the Beavers.

8. Washington (November 21): Oregon State has had all sorts of trouble with Washington as of late. Thankfully this year they get them at home.

7. at Cal (November 14): The Beavers lost to Cal pretty decisively at home, so they have their work cut out for them in Berkeley.

6. at Michigan (September 12):
Oregon State heads to the Big House with Michigan still transitioning. It'll be a winnable road non-conference match for the Beavers.

5. at Utah (October 31):
Oregon State and Utah generally have some close games, so you have to imagine they'll have a good shot in Salt Lake City.

4. Stanford (Friday, September 25): Oregon State has a short week to prep for the Cardinal, so you have to imagine this will be stiff competition.

3. at Arizona (October 10):
Can Oregon State find a way to stop the impressive Wildcat run game?

2. UCLA (November 7): The Bruins come to Corvallis, and this could be an upset special for Oregon State if they play their cards right.

1. at Oregon (Friday, November 27)
: The Beavers have not beaten the Ducks in eight years. Don't expect much to change this season.