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Pac-12 football standings: Apple Cup to decide King in the the North


NCAA Football: Washington at California Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The North.

  1. Washington Huskies (6-0 in Pac-12, 9-0 overall). Washington is 75% of the way there. Another thumping of Cal was huge.
  2. Washington State Cougars (6-0 in Pac-12, 7-2 overall). Washington State clinched at least second place in the North. The Apple Cup will likely determine who goes onto the title game.
  3. Stanford Cardinal (4-3 in Pac-12, 6-3 overall). Another bowl game for Stanford, who will have to settle for a rebuilding season.
  4. California Golden Bears (2-4 in Pac-12, 4-5 overall). Cal is good at offense but not good at all on defense. As has been the case for four years.
  5. Oregon Ducks (1-5 in Pac-12, 3-6 overall). Oregon is kind of like Cal, except a tad worse at football.
  6. Oregon State Beavers (1-5 in Pac-12, 2-7 overall). It’s looking as if the Civil War determines who avoids the bottom in the North.

The South

  1. Colorado Buffaloes (5-1 in Pac-12, 7-2 overall). The Buffs set aside UCLA and remain in complete control of their destiny.
  2. USC Trojans (5-2 in Pac-12, 6-3 overall). USC needs help to win the South even after another smashing. But a loss to Washington would hamper their chances.
  3. Utah Utes (4-2 in Pac-12, 7-2 overall). Utah, like Colorado, controls their destiny. Win out, and they’re headed to Santa Clara.
  4. Arizona State Sun Devils (2-4 in Pac-12, 5-4 overall). Bye week as ASu looks ot get a bowl berth soon.
  5. UCLA Bruins (1-5 in Pac-12, 3-6 overall). UCLA is limping to the finish. Can they avoid a losing season?
  6. Arizona Wildcats (0-6 in Pac-12, 2-7 overall). Basketball is coming. Basketball is coming. Basketball is coming.