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Jabari Parker Recruiting: Utah Basketball Should Draw Trivial NCAA Penalty

So in case you missed it, Utah head coach Larry Krystkowiak committed a violation when he mentioned top NCAA recruit Jabari Parker in a recent interview. Although he wasn't talking about recruiting Parker (because I doubt he is), coaches are not allowed to talk about prospective NCAA recruits at any point publicly.

Good news for Utah is that it appears to be a minor issue. John Infante:

So Krystkowiak committed a violation, but the reason we have not heard more about it is that the penalty is not significant. Utah will likely conduct rules education with the basketball staff and Krystkowiak might get a letter in his personnel file. At worst, Utah will be prohibited from contacting a prospect everyone agrees they are not recruiting.

Parker is not interested in Utah (he is not mentioned in his final five, nor was Utah mentioned in the final 12, or final 30, or whatever list Parker started out with), but he has mentioned Stanford as one of his final five schools.

Parker is considered by many hoops experts to be the best recruit of the 2013 NCAA recruiting class. Utah is considered by many hoops experts to be one of the worst teams in college basketball. It's just funny that these two even ended up in the same sentence.