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Jabari Parker Recruiting: Stanford In Top 5, Utah Probably Commits Violation

Top college basketball prospect Jabari Parker has Stanford in his top five, and Utah head coach Larry Krystkowiak committed a violation when he mentioned him in an interview.

Douglas C. Pizac-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

So the Stanford Cardinal are in the final five for Jabari Parker huh? You probably weren't expecting that!

That is a pretty intriguing list. Parker has visited Stanford on multiple occasions, so it's good to see him take the school seriously. They're the only Pac-12 school on the list, so you have to figure that Parker has academics on the mind when he puts a school like Stanford on there. If I had to guess, BYU is probably his favorite, but that's only because I drew the stick that says BYU. I have no idea where he's going.

I do know where he's not going though! For example, a team that is not in Jabari's top five (or anyone's top five) is Utah. Utah was probably the worst major college basketball team in the country last year, and are surprisingly nowhere to be found on Parker's final five.

And they found themselves getting into trouble anyway.

Utah getting a violation for talking about the top college basketball recruit in the land that has probably never even once considered them is probably the most Utah basketball thing ever.