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Pac-12 Basketball: A Weekend with Ducks and Devils

The Ducks pulled it off and the Sun Devils just kept winning. The Wildcats of Arizona will play for the first time with a loss and, in that game, they'll score a whole lotta points right along with the Beavers. Are the Huskies real?

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We're 1.5 weeks into the season and - final answer, Regis - this one is going to be more fan than last year. Better hoop and more talented players. I don't have an equation for what's better but just trust me on this one. I think you agree.


UCLA @ Colorado, 11am, P12N - So here it is. After the forgettable - that's to say needs to be forgotten - weekend in the Grand Canyon State, the Buffs now get their chance to re-establish themselves as a frightening squad. Both these teams tried their darndest to give their wins away. Alas, they didn't, and so the Bruins travel to further altitude, where CU tends to win ball games; lots of ‘em.

Washington State @ Cal, 1pm, P12N - I mentioned it earlier this week but progressively the Monty era might be coming under scrutiny. That's all I'll say of that. The Cougs are tied with the Utes as the only winless squad and frustratingly so. They've been competitive in large portions of each game but seem to be missing the close factor. I can't see WSU picking up their first conference weekend as Allen Crabbe and Justin Cobbs will very likely bounce back from their combined 7-27 night.

USC @ Utah, 3pm, P12N - Um. So. Well. Look, last year these guys combined for twelve wins which, in a really cool coincidence, is the same number of teams in this conference! That's pretty cool, right? Anyhow, both are improved and that's makes the conference at least not super, tremendously awful. In this one, I really think Utah and Larry K's squad really deserve one for the fights they've put up three games into this conference year.

Arizona @ Oregon State, 5pm, ESPNU - Well the Wildcats aren't going to be the second undefeated school since the 1976 Hoosiers. If you're really beat up about that, you haven't noticed that the Wildcat freshmen continue to struggle within the offense and defense - that's to say they struggle - and Nick Johnson has fallen into a bit of a slump. Anyhow, do yourselves a favor and don't forget about the Cats. Granted, I doubt anyone is going to. This one gets a little spicy because those aforementioned freshmen (all tall) will be going up against a hefty front line of Beavers (that sounds weird and unattractive). This one should have a lot of points.

Washington @ Stanford, 8pm, FSN - For all of the excitement we've had regarding how good the Cardinal could be, they haven't. They finally got a victory and looked...better. But for all of the Cardinal underachievement or mediocrity or whatever you want to call it, Washington is 2-0 in conference with both those wins coming impressively on the road. Perhaps the generally home comfortable Huskies needed to get out of dodge to get their swag and the Sonics back?


Arizona State @ Oregon, 6pm, P12N - Oregon is a good basketball team. And so is Arizona State. They'll be tipping off alone on Sunday as a pair of unbeatens. Let it sink in but acknowledge that each has earned such. The Ducks have gone on the road and won the Civil War and then beat the previously unbeaten Wildcats. Arizona State beat the Buffs despite their best early effort to bury the Devils. Alas, someone will walk away with a drop in the loss bucket.