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Bracketology, Pac-12 Edition: Colorado, Stanford, Cal Basketball Alive, Washington Done

Colorado, Stanford and Washington are all still very much alive for the NCAA tournament. Washington is finished though.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Did any Pac-12 teams get back onto the bubble last week and did any completely fall off barring a miracle?

NorcalNick, California Golden Blogs: Washington's two losses in L.A. dooms whatever chances they may have had. Meanwhile, I think Colorado, Cal and Stanford all did just enough on the road to continue to cling to slim chances. All three have enough solid opponents left on the schedule to play their way in, but none can avoid many slip-ups. It's a good thing the Pac-12 is stronger this year - all three would be dead and buried last year.

Jack Follman, Pacific Takes: I think Colorado really got themselves back into the conversation for a bid with their win at Oregon. I think Stanford and Cal kept their outside shots alive with each getting a road upset of an Arizona school. I think getting swept in LA officially put an end to Washington's hopes of getting a bid without winning the conference tournament. They really needed to get at least one.

Adam Butler, Pac Hoops: The Dawgs are done. You can't slink into Pac-12 play and, regardless of the rest of the season, lose six of seven. Even winning out the conference season would afford them a bid at this point. The Oregon sweep got Colorado back into the tournament for the time being as RPI is carrying their resume to date. They'll need to garner some additional wins down the stretch. Hosting and beating Arizona this Thursday would go a long way in helping them dance. Stanford remains very intriguing if not dangerous as a bubble squad. Lotta work left to do but time remains.

Shotgun Spratling, Conquest Chronicles: After losing at the buzzer to UCLA, you would think Washington would come out fired up against USC. Instead, the Huskies fell behind by 19 in the first half. The Dawgs whimpered away from LA with a burst bubble. Colorado may have redeemed its terrible loss to Wyoming with the win over Oregon, but how big will that win look later in the season, if the Ducks can't get Artis back soon? Cal got a big win against Arizona, but the Golden Bears can't continue to split weekend series after they failed to net any significant non-conference wins.

Parker Baruh, Ralphie Report: With losses to USC and UCLA this past week, Washington's chances of making the NCAA Tournament are done, barring a Pac-12 Tournament Championship. Colorado helped their resume with road wins over Oregon and Oregon St. and if they can win against Arizona St. or Arizona this weekend, they will continue to be in good shape. Stanford and Cal improved their stock with wins over Arizona St. and Arizona respectively, but still have work to do. However, with UCLA coming to the Bay Area this weekend, and both teams playing Oregon once more, there's still plenty of time to make the field of 68.