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Arizona, Oregon, Colorado Basketball Likeliest Pac-12 Teams To Advance In NCAA Tournament?

Arizona should advance. Colorado and Oregon have good shots as well to get through and make noise.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Which Pac-12 team do you think will go the farthest in the tournament?

Jack Follman, Pacific Takes: I don't think anyone really has a very good path and I could easily see every team being out on the first weekend. With that said, I like Oregon's chances. The fresh chip on their shoulder might do nothing but help them and they excel at the two things that I think are most important in the tournament, shooting and rebounding.

David Piper, Addicted to Quack: Nobody has a path that I really like. Arizona and Oregon probably have the best Sweet Sixteen paths, but I wouldn't pick either in my bracket, and certainly don't see any avenue for a Pac-12 team to make an Elite Eight run.

NorcalNick, California Golden Blogs: Again, Arizona. It wouldn't shock me if the Wildcats are the only team playing in the round of 32, in which case they win by default And while New Mexico is plenty good, it's probably better than facing Florida, Miami or Syracuse like other Pac-12 teams might have to do.

Andy Wooldridge, Building The Dam: If Oregon can beat Oklahoma St., I like their chances to get to the Sweet 16, and then get run over by Louisville. If they don't, then Arizona has the best chance. It will be near stunning if any of the other 3 survive the weekend, and the news of the year in the Pac if any advance past the round of 16.

Gekko Mojo, UW Dawg Pound: Of the five teams, I think Arizona and Colorado are the only two that actually win a first game. After that, Arizona will have a pick ‘em (most likely) against a pretty stout New Mexico squad while Colorado most likely gets to contend with a streaking Miami squad - both games are hard to call in favor of the Pac 12. If I had to pick one team with the best chance to get to the Sweet 16, I'd say it is Colorado only because Miami just looks like a team ready to choke under the pressure.

Adam Butler, Pac Hoops: While Belmont poses a threat to Arizona as the quintessential mid-major raining threes, one has to like the Wildcats size and talent advantage. Especially considering Arizona has looked to be playing much more inspired perimeter defense of late. After that I think they match up really well with New Mexico in what should be one helluva game in SLC. I also think Colorado has enough talent to make a touch of noise. Illinois is weird and all over the place and if the Buffs can get by that, they have a big guard in Dinwiddie who could cause problems for Shane Larkin and the dynamic defender in Roberson to slow Kenny Kadji. Colorado is very interesting - which is to say scary - in this tournament.