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Pac-12 Basketball: Getting to Some Answers

This thing is far from over. But it's really close and that's why we'll be tuned in to all the action. It's March!

Deeper in this post, you can learn what Joe Burton calls this move.
Deeper in this post, you can learn what Joe Burton calls this move.
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We're getting dangerously close to things like bubbles bursting and Selection Sunday and Madness. But we're not officially there yet. There's still some things to shore out, most notably on courts in Boulder and Seattle.


UCLA @ Washington State, 6:30pm, P12N: This game highlights why March is great. This is the top team being hosted by the worst team and because the clock reads March everything is just bigger and tenser and worth watching. Can you imagine an upset here? I suppose I could go down the lineup of games asking the same question but I'll keep it here for now as this game kicks off the final weekend. And really isn't that exciting of a game. Brock Motum.

Stanford @ Cal, 8pm, ESPN2: I'm going to this one and I'm really quite excited about it. The Big Game is always something to behold - any rivalry game is - and this one has the added spice of the Cardinal's opportunity to ensure Cal does not win the conference. Or at least gain the top seed in Vegas. Cal is closing as the conference's hottest team and I'm curious: At what point are they good vs. hot?

USC @ Washington, 8:30pm, P12N: Recently had a conversation about the possibility of Bob Cantu being the conference COY. Pretty valid question as the Trojans had every opportunity to quit on this season and still find themselves in the thick of things with wins over UCLA and Arizona. Alas, the season ain't over yet and both these teams are vying to move up in the standings, the Huskies nipping at Trojans heels as it were at tip.


Oregon @ Colorado, 6pm, ESPN2: This is a big game. Colorado is statistically expected to win but Oregon's got Artis back in what's been rumored to be real damn close to 100%. The Buffs managed to beat UO in Eugene behind a closing 8-0 run and late layup from Andre Roberson. Revenge and a conference title will be top of mind for the Ducks. Securing the fifth seed (or better) will be on Buffalo brains.

Oregon State @ Utah, 6pm, ESPNU: OK, come on Adam, you can come up with something to say about this one. Everyone is going to try hard? Neither team is Washington State? The Native Tornado? Yeah, it's tough to preview the 10th and 11th place teams squaring off on the last Thursday of the season. But Joe Burton and Jason Washburn are on their respective home stretches and there's something to be said for that. Two guys who've put in their full Pac-12 careers and it'll be boiling down to this, perhaps unceremoniously, but clinging to the slight of hope when they arrive in Vegas.