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NCAA Bracket 2015: Arizona Wildcats 2 seed, Utah Utes 5 seed, Oregon Ducks 8 seed, UCLA Bruins 11 seed


Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Wildcats finished the season strong, and ended up drawing a number two seed in the NCAA Tournament, and will end up in the West regional, a draw which should totally favor them. Arizona will be playing in Staples Center in the second week and should enjoy a huge homecourt advantage if they get through the Portland regional, when they will have to face

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The Utah Utes took the fifth seed in the NCAA Tournament. Utah had a solid shot at a two or three seed earlier on in the proceedings but stumbled to the finish line. Utah will now end up in a tough draw in the South regional and will have to battle Stephen F. Austin before drawing the Eastern Washington vs. Georgetown winner. If they can get through that, they will have to get through Duke.

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The Oregon Ducks were the surprise team of the Pac-12, and drew some huge upsets this year to earn their tournament bid. Oregon will take on Oklahoma State in the West regional as the eighth seed in Omaha. If they survive that, Oregon will have to battle top-seeded Wisconsin for the second year in a row.

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Huge shocker: The UCLA Bruins made the NCAA Tournament. They drew the 11th seed and have to face SMU in the first round, then have to battle the winner of Iowa State vs. UAB.

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