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Bracketology 2017: UCLA a 2 seed, four Pac-12 teams in according to Joe Lunardi

Who gets ranked where?

NCAA Basketball: Fresno State at Oregon Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Four Pac-12 basketball teams are currently ranked in top 25, and currently only four Pac-12 teams make the NCAA Tournament according to Joe Lunardi’s bracketology. Let’s take a look at who is ranked where depending on Lunardi and Bracket Matrix.

UCLA Bruins (2 seed by Lunardi, 1 seed by Bracket Matrix). UCLA is rolling toward a likely West Region bid in San Jose. Is this the year they don’t have to leave the West Coast (Sacramento/San Jose/Glendale) to get a national title?

Arizona Wildcats (5 seed by both). Arizona’s path looks a bit more perilous, but getting a few big wins in Pac-12 play could be enough to boost them into a better seeding range.

Oregon Ducks (6 seed by both). Oregon is expected to do well in Pac-12 play, and they’ll need to be better to get a good bid in the tournament.

USC Trojans (7 seed by Lunardi, 6 seed by Bracket Matrix). USC is sitting on the right side of the bubble right now, but they have work to do in Pac-12 play to stay there.

Bubble teams: Cal, Stanford, Colorado are currently on the edge of the “first eight out” category. All three could use some big wins in January and February.