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Bracketology, Pac-12 edition: Oregon 3 seed, Utah 4, Arizona 5, Cal & USC 7

A bunch of Pac-12 teams are solidly in.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The latest Bracket Matrix has six Pac-12 teams safely in and another several hugging the bubble. Let's take a look at the teams that appear to be solidly in at this point.

Oregon Ducks, 3 seed: Oregon is back on track. Two wins out of the final three and a solid Pac-12 tournament run is all that the Ducks need to keep their seeding in place.

Utah Utes, 4 seed: Utah is rolling into the tournament and could have any sort of seeding depending on how the committee views that Duke win.

Arizona Wildcats, 5 seed: Arizona is between five and six seed territory at this point--they've been too inconsistent away from home. It could all depend on how they finish the season.

California Golden Bears, 7 seed: Cal is on a six game win streak and have to feel comfortable about their tournament hopes. Now it's all about trending up. The Bears are getting six seed marks as of late and things have to be moving up.

USC Trojans, 7 seed: USC is in trouble. They are downtrending at the wrong time, and still have plenty of tough games ahead (Cal, Arizona, ASU).

Colorado Buffaloes, 8 seed: Colorado doesn't seem to have a great tournament resume, but the Buffs have for the most part protected their home court, and might be just safe enough.

Oregon State Beavers, 10 seed: Oregon State is hanging on by their finger tips, with a buzzer beater probably being the difference between being in and out. The Beavers have to keep on winning to keep on going.

Washington Huskies, out: A devastating loss to Oregon State may have been the difference between the tournament hopes of both squads.