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Pac-12 player of the year candidates: Jakob Poeltl, Dillon Brooks, Ryan Anderson the top 3

Who can capture the award?

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Your contenders

Utah: Jakob Poeltl has to be one of the main competitors right now. Barring a collapse against Colorado, Poeltl has been the best player in the Pac-12. His Pomeroy offensive rating is an astounding 128. The big thing that could hurt Poeltl (aside from foul trouble hampering his production) is losing both games to Oregon, since his main competition is...

Oregon: Dillon Brooks man. No one was expecting him to become this hybrid point forward who could distribute and score at such a high clip. Brooks has hit double figures in all but one Pac-12 game and has been averaging close to 20 the rest of the way. He's the focal point of the number one offense in the Pac-12 and a team that is one win away from a conference title.

Arizona: It's hard not to ignore the impact Ryan Anderson has had for the Wildcats. He's piled together a steady collection of 15 to 18 point + 7 to 10 rebound performances through the season. However he probably needs some mini-collapses from Oregon and Utah this week and some big games against Stanford and Cal to capture this award.

Honorable mention:

Cal: Tyrone Wallace would have had a chance if he hadn't broken his hand; the Bears have been blowing opponents out since his return. Jaylen Brown had a very solid Pac-12 campaign but struggled in non-conference play.

Oregon State: Gary Payton might be the only reason the Beavers are even coming close to sniffing the NCAA Tournament. He's also the best two way point guard in the conference.

Colorado: Josh Scott has had a similar effect as Payton for the Buffs, dragging a pretty average group of talent to a potential 8-10 seed in the tournament. Scott's ability to dominate the paint and be efficient defensively has been a huge part of Cal's success.