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College basketball Pac-12 futures: Arizona, Cal, Oregon 33 to 1 to win the national title

What team is good to win the conference?

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

There are a few Pac-12 teams that have good national title futures if you wanted to invest right now!

Arizona Wildcats, 33 to 1: Arizona has been up and down all season but they rallied for a huge win at home at Cal. The Wildcats have the talent on both offense and defense to make an extended run in the tournament.

California Golden Bears, 33 to 1: Cal has a very good defense that can keep them in any game, and if the Bears get the right draw they can probably use their superstar freshmen to carry them to big wins in March.

Oregon Ducks, 33 to 1: Oregon's offense is so elite it's hard to see them exiting early. The Ducks have proven they can score on anyone in any environment. They'll also probably have the best seeding of all Pac-12 teams.

Utah Utes, 66 to 1: Utah has the best player in the conference and probably will cause a lot of teams matchup problems. Can Jakob Poeltl lead a slightly average supporting cast?

USC Trojans, 150 to 1: USC has faded and their odds aren't very good. Can they turn it around come tournament time?

Here are the national title futures. All odds courtesy of Bovada.