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Pac-12 bracketology 3/6: where the Pac-12 stacks up heading into the conference tournament

The Pac-12 Tournament is almost here. Time to polish up that resume.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports


Oregon 25-6 (14-4)

Seed: 2-3

Quality wins: Baylor, Cal, at Utah, USC, at Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Oregon State, at USC Bad losses: UNLV

Tournament opener: Washington or Stanford

The Ducks made an LA road trip look really easy to wrap up the Pac-12 regular season crown. They have a ton of range heading into the Pac-12 tournament as a title could push them as high as the number one seed in the West, but a loss on Thursday could push them as low as maybe a four.

Utah 24-7 (13-5)

Seed: 3-4

Quality wins: San Diego State, Texas Tech, Temple, Duke, at Colorado, Oregon State, Cal, at USC, Arizona, Colorado

Tournament opener: USC or UCLA

The Utes put it all together at just the right time and come into the conference tournament red hot. They could get as high as a number two should they win it all with their stellar non-conference resume and probably wouldn't fall lower than five even if they lose Thursday.

Arizona 24-7 (12-6)

Seed: 5-6

Quality wins: at Gonzaga, Oregon State, USC, Cal

Tournament opener: Oregon State or Arizona State

It's been a weird season for the Wildcats, but they avoided slipping down into the 7-8-9 range by pulling off a miraculous comeback against Cal. They will want to win some games in the Pac-12 Tournament though to add to a resume that is shockingly weak for a team as highly-ranked as they have been this season.

Cal 22-9 (12-6)

Seed: 5-6

Quality wins: Saint Mary's, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Oregon, Oregon State, USC Bad losses: Richmond

Tournament opener: Colorado or Washington State

The Bears avoided a late-season disaster by rallying at Arizona State and get an important Pac-12 Tournament bye. They will want to win a game or two in the conference tournament to try and avoid the 7-8-9 area.

On The Bubble

Colorado 21-10 (10-8)

Seed: 7-9

Quality wins: Oregon State, Oregon, Cal, Arizona

Tournament opener: Washington State

The Buffs are very close to being a lock, but I think they need to avoid an opening upset by the Cougars to seal the deal since they don't have a ton of quality wins.

USC 20-11 (9-9)

Seed: 8-9

Quality wins: Monmouth, Wichita State, Arizona, Colorado, Oregon State

Tournament opener: UCLA

The Trojans got the one win they needed over an Oregon school this week to avoid sliding onto the true bubble, but they didn't get the sweep they needed to become a lock. I think they would still be in even if they get upset byUCLA, but they would really be sweating it out on selection Sunday.

Oregon State 18-11 (9-9)

Seed: 10-play-in

Quality wins: Tulsa, Oregon, Cal, USC, Utah, Colorado

Tournament opener: Arizona State

The Beavers got a must-win at UCLA to stay on the right side of the bubble.

Hanging by a thread

Washington 17-13 (9-9)

Seed: NIT

Quality wins: Texas, USC, Colorado Bad losses: Oakland, UCSB

Tournament opener: Stanford

The Huskies did all they could last week by beating Washington State, but they might need to win the Pac-12 Tournament to get their ticket. I still think they will be right on the edge if they can get to the championship or lose or maybe even just grab an upset of Oregon on Thursday, but I don't know if it will be enough.