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Pac-12 basketball standings: Oregon holds tiebreaker over Arizona

Looks good!

NCAA Basketball: UCLA at Arizona Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Tied 1st: Arizona Wildcats: 15-2 in the Pac-12, 26-4 overall. Arizona’s loss to UCLA probably has them confined to 2nd in the Pac-12 tournament.

Tied 1st: Oregon Ducks: 15-2 in the Pac-12, 26-4 overall. Oregon’s head-to-head win over Arizona puts them in pole position.

3rd. UCLA Bruins, 13-3 in the Pac-12, 26-3 overall. UCLA isn’t likely to move on up in the Pac-12, but they should be close to two-three seed territory after beating both Oregon and Arizona.

4th. California Golden Bears, 10-6 in the Pac-12, 19-9 overall. Cal is now trying to hold onto the first round Pac-12 tournament bye.

5th. Utah Utes, 9-7 in the Pac-12, 18-10 overall. Utah is coming on late, but they are still a bit aways from earning a trip to the Dance.

6th. USC Trojans, 8-8 in the Pac-12, 21-8 overall. USC is fading, but as long as they don’t wash out, they’re safely in.

7th. Arizona State Sun Devils, 7-10 in the Pac-12, 14-16 overall. Can ASU build positive momentum going into 2017-18?

Tied-8th. Colorado Buffaloes, 6-10 in the Pac-12, 16-13 overall. A bizarro three-way tie could be in play near the bottom of the conference.

Tied-8th. Stanford Cardinal: 6-10 in the Pac-12, 14-14 overall. Stanford is right on that .500 line. Can they finish the season there?

Tied-8th Washington State Cougars: 6-10 in the Pac-12, 13-15 overall. Washington State swept their rivals, so they are the happiest of the miserables.

11th. Washington Huskies: 2-14 in the Pac-12, 9-19 overall. An almost inexplicably bad season up in Seattle is drawing to a close.

12th. Oregon State Beavers: 1-16 in the Pac-12, 5-25 overall. This was more explicable. Also, almost over.