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College basketball bracketology: Oregon and Arizona 2 seeds, UCLA 3 seed, USC 9 seed

The Pac-12’s top teams are among the nation’s best.

NCAA Basketball: Oregon at California Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s take a look at where the Pac-12 stacks up when it comes to March Madness. A look at Bracket Matrix:

Oregon Ducks, 2 seed: Oregon is knocking very close to 1 seed territory, particularly after Gonzaga dropped their undefeated season bid. Oregon winning the Pac-12 and/or winning the Pac-12 tournament would be more than enough to push them to West Coast supremacy.

Arizona Wildcats, 2 seed: Arizona could be slipping toward three seed territory after losing a crucial game to UCLA. The 1-3 record against other premier West Coast programs could be a deciding factor on where they’re seeded.

UCLA Bruins, 3 seed: The four seed talk should be close to done. UCLA has now beaten Arizona and Oregon and has the signature wins they need for high March seeding. The question now is can they grab themselves a two seed?

USC Trojans, 9 seed: USC is starting to ebb at the wrong time, and could be bordering on 10-11 seed territory if they don’t finish their season right.

California Golden Bears, 12 seed: Cal is now starting to feel that bubble life. The Bears are very close to falling back into NIT territory.