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Bracketology 2017, Pac-12 edition: Arizona, Oregon, UCLA, USC in, Cal & Utah face bubble


NCAA Basketball: Utah at California Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

There are four Pac-12 teams that can safely book their tickets to the Dance at this point according to Bracket Matrix.

2 seed, Arizona Wildcats: Arizona suffered a bit of a setback when Oregon bone-crushed them, but wins over UCLA and USC have left them in a pretty good position for high seeding come March.

3 seed, Oregon Ducks: Oregon struggled in non-conference play, but they have the best conference resume out of anyone, beating all of the other three sure tourney teams and besting Cal and Utah to boot. 5-0 against the best Pac-12 teams has to sound nice.

4 seed, UCLA Bruins: Despite a stellar record against non-conference foes, UCLA has not landed a signature win in Pac-12 play, going 0-3 against the other three tournament teams. The good news: They’ll get a shot at all three squads on the second half of the schedule.

7 seed, USC Trojans: USC has stumbled in conference play but that needed win against UCLA keeps them in firm position for a tournament bid.

11 seed, California Golden Bears: One of the last teams that gets in, Cal got a bracket busting win against Utah. But they have almost no margin for error and could use a resume boosting win against Arizona or Oregon.

Out, Utah Utes: Utah is in the position where they have to either (a) beat Oregon in Oregon, or win everything else and get to the Pac-12 tournament final. Their resume isn’t strong enough at the moment.