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UCLA 4:1, Oregon 14:1, Arizona 16:1 to win national title

Who will get to the title game?

UCLA v Arizona Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

UCLA Bruins, 6 to 1: UCLA now has the best odds to win the national title right alongside North Carolina. That offense has proven to be the real deal and too tough for even the best defenses to hold down for too long. Can Lonzo Ball finish the deal?

Oregon Ducks, 14 to 1: Oregon’s odds have halved since the start of February from 28 to 1. The buzz is real on the Ducks, who could be closing in on a top 2 seed in the West and not having to leave the West Coast to win a national title. Could the odds be in Oregon’s favor for a national title bid?

Arizona Wildcats, 16 to 1: Arizona’s odds have dropped a bit since the start of the month despite only dropping a grand total of two games in conference play. Unfortunately, they were both to the two schools ahead of them in the national title odds, and neither loss was very convincing.

USC Trojans, 200 to 1: USC is not in the best shape right now. They’ll have to hope for good seeding.

California Golden Bears, 500 to 1: Cal is just struggling to get into the Dance. Their fate is not at all secure.