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NIT bracket: Cal a 1 seed, Utah a 3 seed, Colorado a 4 seed

Here we go.

NCAA Basketball: Pac-12 Conference Tournament California vs Utah

Four Pac-12 teams made the NCAA tournament. Three Pac-12 teams made the NIT. A look at their roads to get to New York City.

California Golden Bears, 1 seed: Cal will get to play at home all the way through to Madison Square Garden if they get that far. Cal starts off playing CSU Bakersfield, then would face the winner of Colorado State and College of Charleston, then would likely face either BYU or Houston, all in Berkeley.

Utah Utes, 3 seed: Utah will play Boise State in the first round, then the winner of Illinois or Valparaiso. After that, Utah would likely face one of Colorado, UCF or Illinois State.

Colorado Buffaloes, 5 seed: Colorado will likely be on the road most of the NIT. They start with UCF in Orlando, then facet he Illinois State-UC Irvine winner, then have to deal with the lower half of the bracket (Utah-Boise-Illinois-Valparaiso)

Here’s a look at the NIT bracket.