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Stanford stays tough, smart, clutch, earns Roses

The Stanford Cardinal are headed to the Rose Bowl as Pac-12 champions, and they stayed true to their credo. They played tough, smart, and finish what they started.

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A 12-Pac for the Pac-12 Championship

This post is for all those who want video highlights, news, notes, blog reaction, and more of Stanford clinching a Pac-12 Championship over UCLA.

Pac-12 Championship 2012

The Stanford Cardinal edged out the UCLA Bruins in the 2012 Pac-12 Championship.

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Stanford 27, UCLA 24: The Shaw must go on

The post-Luck Cardinal go one better than their predecessors by punching their ticket to the Rose Bowl, and reaffirming their staying power all over again

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Stanford is going to the Rose Bowl.

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UCLA’s Blown Opportunity - This Hurts

UCLA came in with a great game plan and a well prepared team, who played their hearts out. But costly mistakes on the field and questionable coaching decisions cost Bruins to seize an opportunity to become elite for the first time in a generation.

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UCLA turns around in year one of Jim Mora era

UCLA head coach Jim Mora, quarterback Brett Hundley, and running back Johnathan Franklin have turned the Bruins into Pac-12 South champions.

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Stanford goes power to earn the Roses

The Stanford Cardinal stick to their power run identity and their strong defense to stay in the thick of things in the Pac-12 North.

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Rematch for Rose

In Stanford-UCLA I, Stanford's Kevin Hogan used his legs better than UCLA's Brett Hundley, and Stanford took better, more selective risks on defense. Can the Bruins turn the tables in Palo Alto on Saturday?

2012 Pac-12 Championship Game