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Pac-12 Expansion

Hawaii wants in on the Pac-12

But why would the Pac-12 want Hawaii?

Pac-12 standing pat at 12 teams

While conference realignment shakes up much of college football, the Pac-12 is comfortable standing pat at 12 teams.

Pac-12 Secession Unlikely Without Expansion, Which Is Even More Unlikely

The Pac-12 is unlikely to secede from the conference unless they expand, which is probably even more unlikely.

Conference Realignment 2012 Will Leave Pac-12 Untouched By Expansion

Conference realignment could unfold with the Big 12 and the ACC regarding Florida State's disgruntling over the new TV deal.

Conference Realignment Benefiting Pac-12

The realignment of other conferences like the Big 12 and ACC is serving to keep the Pac-12 in a stable yet strong position.

Pac-12 Expansion Isn't Dead, Just On Snooze

Pac-12 expansion may be dead for now, but don't expect this to be the last you ever hear about Texas and Oklahoma joining up to form a superconference out west.

Conference Realignment: "The Longhorn", Where Texas A&M Breaks Texas's Heart

The sordid tale of conference realignment, Pac-12 expansion, and the fall of the Big 12 and Texas from grace draws many parallels to the fall of the Corleone Family and the Godfather Part II.

The Pac-12 Stays The Pac-12, Says No To Texas

The Pac-12 is staying put and not expanding to 14 or 16 teams. Texas refused to budge off its Longhorn Network and there were too many geographic and divisional concerns surrounding Oklahoma and Oklahoma State.

Conference Realignment: Oklahoma & Oklahoma State Close To The Pac-12, Texas Still Playing Hard To Get

The Oklahoma State Cowboys and Oklahoma Sooners are ready to join the Pac-14. The Texas Longhorns are dragging their feet and opening the door up for the Kansas schools to think of the Pac-16.

Pac-12 Expansion: Texas Must Capitulate The Longhorn Network To Join

The Texas Longhorns have to fold in the Longhorn Network into the Pac-12 regional television deal if they ever plan on being invited to the conference.

Pac-12 Expansion: Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas, Texas Tech About To Join The Conference?

The Texas Longhorns could finally be conceding to Pac-12 expansion, and join up with the Oklahoma Sooners, Oklahoma State Cowboys, and Texas Tech Red Raiders in conference realignment.

Pac-12 Expansion: Will Texas Come West, Pick The ACC, Or Go Independent?

The Texas Longhorns have multiple options if they can't save the Big 12, including going to the ACC or choosing independence. But joining an expanding Pac-12 might be their best option.

Pac-12 Expansion: Serious Divisional Realignment Issues In A 14-Team Conference

The Pac-12 could expand to 14 teams with the Oklahoma Sooners and the Oklahoma State Cowboys, but it's an unresolved mystery as to how the conference can break them up into two separate divisions and satisfy all the major schools.

Pac-12 Expansion: Oklahoma & Oklahoma State Want In, But It Won't Be That Simple

The Pac-12 might soon be getting bids to join from the Oklahoma Sooners and the Oklahoma State Cowboys after the Texas A&M Aggies left for the SEC. How Texas reacts to such a move could determine the fate of the crumbling Big 12 and whether the Longhorns join their rivals to the North in a new Pacific conference.

Pac-12 Expansion: If No Texas, Could Kansas And Missouri Pick Up The Slack?

If the Texas Longhorns are serious about keeping the Big 12 together, should Larry Scott and the Pac-12 extend invites to the Oklahoma Sooners, Oklahoma State Cowboys, Missouri Tigers and Kansas Jayhawks?

Pac-12 Conference Expansion: Texas Is One Busy Call Girl

The Texas Longhorns seem to be prostituting themselves out for anyone supporting Texas, and will do anything to keep Baylor and Oklahoma in line to prevent the Big 12 from crumbling and the Pac-12 from expanding.

Pac-12 Expansion: Texas A&M The First Domino To Fall, Oklahoma Ready To Tip Over

The defection of the Texas A&M Aggies to the SEC could immediately trigger the departure of the Oklahoma Sooners and Oklahoma State Cowboys to the Pac-12.

Pac-12 Expansion: Oklahoma & Oklahoma State Could Be Enough To Break Texas

Larry Scott is playing hardball, as the Pac-12 seems intent on taking the Oklahoma Sooners and the Oklahoma State Cowboys. The Texas Longhorns could be left sitting in the cold in a dying Big 12 unless they decide to come along, and they'd have to concede their TV network.

Pac-12 Expansion: Oklahoma & Texas Talking To The Conference

The Oklahoma Sooners and Texas Longhorns are talking to the Pac-12, presumably about potential expansion opportunities which would add these Big 12 powerhouses along with Oklahoma State and Texas Tech.

Pac-12 Expansion: Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech Dreaming West, But Texas Needs To Follow

If the Oklahoma Sooners, Oklahoma State Cowboys and Texas Tech Red Raiders plan on joining the Pac-12, the Texas Longhorns need to be dragged along with them and the Longhorn Network has to be reshuffled.


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