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USC Coaching Rumors: Mark Banker For Defensive Coordinator? Plus Tee Martin Returns

The USC Trojans could be going after Oregon State defensive coordinator Mark Banker, as they also get Tee Martin back.

Stephen Dunn

The USC Trojans have one of the premier coaching positions on the West Coast still wide open. Who wants to be the defensive coordinator for Lane Kiffin?

Lane's father Monte had all sorts of trouble with top talent and his USC teams got run over by the Oregons and Stanfords of the world. Whoever replaces Monte better have the necessary skills to handle offenses as diverse as those two.

One particularly coach who fills both bills: Oregon State defensive coordinator Mark Banker. Scott Schrader of 247 Sports ($) reports mutual interest between both parties.

Banker has a long and distinguished career in the Pac-12. His Beavers squads have given the Trojans trouble since 2006, notching three victories (and nearly a fourth) in five matchups. Oregon State generally also possesses one of the most well-coached units in the Pac-12, and has been a huge factor in the team's overall success.

However, USC might need to remember that Banker too struggled against Oregon and Stanford. The Beavers haven't beaten either team since 2009 (and it's been three months since he's matched up with the Ducks).

Banker is one of the many candidates being circulated for the position. Gene Chizik and Dewayne Walker are also considered possibilities, as are several other prominent coordinators around the country.

Meanwhile, the power of Kiffin remains strong, as he holds onto wide receivers coach Tee Martin, who Tennessee head coach Butch Jones was fervently chasing. It's not like Tennessee fans didn't need more reasons to hate Lane.