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Justin Wilcox Rumors: Washington Defensive Coordinator Likely Staying Put

Is Washington Huskies defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox staying right where he is? He's only been mentioned as a coaching candidate in passing.

Steve Dykes

Washington defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox might be playing things close to the vest. when it comes to coaching rumors. Undoubtedly his name seems to get thrown out there more and more as a coach on the rise.

Right now, there appears to be nothing to that.

Wilcox has definitely improved things as a defensive coordinator in his last two spots. He's made Tennessee and Washington both very strong defensive units and helped keep teams floating when their offenses seem.

That being said, it seems impossible to avoid the rumor mill. San Jose State maybe?

Nah, not really.

Unless he's really planning on wanting to take a paycut to try and lift up a mid-major conference school, there doesn't seem to be major upside to taking the Spartans job, particularly after following up such a successful season by San Jose State with Mike MacIntyre.

If Wilcox makes another move, it'll probably be to a coaching job at a major school or checking out a huge defensive coordinator spot. Right now it seems like all signs are indicating that he'll be Washington's DC unless a big coaching search happens down the line.