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Colorado Coaching Rumors: Bronco Mendenhall, Butch Jones, Mark Mangino Updates

The Colorado Buffaloes are considering BYU head coach Bronco Mendenhall and Cincinnati head coach Butch Jones. Mark Mangino is not a candidate.

George Frey

The firing of Jon Embree was rather unceremonious, but the Buffs seem to be trying to attract a wide variety of top targets from around the country.

One surprising target appears to be BYU head coach Bronco Mendenhall.

Mendenhall has enjoyed plenty of success in Provo, but things might be wearing down here. BYU finished 7-6, and there have been plenty of grumblings about whether it's time for the Cougars to make a change.

It’s one thing for Mendenhall to crack on BYU fans, saying the level of their criticism is equal to their education. It’s another for him to make stupid decisions. That’s been a problem for him this season, and in seasons past, from his decision to go for two at Boise State to tying his team’s fate to a mediocre quarterback. Even his assistants have criticized some of his moves. That’s all been chronicled, as has Mendenhall’s tendency to beat lousy opponents and lose to good ones.

Could the Buffs be the beneficiary? Mendenhall has won plenty at BYU, and seems to know how to succeed in directing a major college football program. The move from Provo to Boulder might be a bit of culture shock, but it could work well for a Colorado programdying for success.

Another potential target appears to be Cincinnati head coach Butch Jones. He appears to be tugging back and forth between two schools: The Buffs and the Purdue Boilermakers. Hammer and Rails reported that Jones was in West Lafayette this Sunday. They even have video of Jones heading to the airport!

Jones is headed to Colorado today. The rumor that Jones would accept the Purdue job has yet to occur.

One person who won't be taking the job: Mark Mangino. Mangino has been out of coaching for a few years and there was speculation Colorado was considering him. That isn't happening.

Oh well. So much for the possibility of seeing a program experience mass exodus.