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Thomas Tyner Recruiting Update: Oregon Decommit Will Visit UCLA

Thomas Tyner has decommitted from Oregon, and only a visit to the UCLA Bruins is known for sure.

Ron Chenoy-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The big recruiting news of the day is that Thomas Tyner will be decommitting from the Oregon Ducks. Oregon is still the presumptive favorite, but the fact that Tyner is putting himself out there has to be a good sign for any other school that wants to throw themselves into the mix.

Justin Hopkins of 247Sports broke the original story. He now says that Tyner will definitely take visits. Only one is confirmed as of this point: The UCLA Bruins.

Tyner at UCLA would be a pretty lethal weapon, particularly if you combine him with Craig Lee from this class. Add in Brett Hundley and you have a pretty slick backfield that should be able to contend with anyone offensively.

Still, it'd be pretty strange to see Tyner abandon an offense that is tailor-made for his talents in favor of an offense which tends to be more balanced and lean more on the passing game, particularly under offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone.

Also, a fun fact for angry Ducks fans. A former ex-Husky on the UCLA staff seems to be partly responsible for the visit. I'm guessing Y Receivers coach Marques Tuiasosopo will have a lovely inbox to check this morning.