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Thomas Tyner Recruiting: Oregon Ducks Decommit Recommits

Why did the most impressive in-state running back decide to decommit for a day and then immediately go back to verballing for the Oregon Ducks?

Jonathan Ferrey

It took only a matter of a day before Thomas Tyner ended back up in Eugene and probably ready to commit to the Oregon Ducks. Tyner recommitted to Oregon a day after reopening his commitment.

nds5000 of Addicted to Quack gives us his thoughts on one of the strangest recruitment stories of the past few years months weeks days.

Imitation is the finest form of flattery, as the old adage goes. On Tuesday, Thomas Tyner decommitted from the Ducks, but his reasons for doing so were truly Chip Kelly-esque. Tyner essentially stated that he wants to gather as much information as possible before coming to his final conclusion, a strategy that Chip has followed so many times when small crises arise at Oregon. It's a decision that the coaching staff surely respects.

And who can blame him? The kid just turned 18 a month ago and is about to make the biggest decision of his life. He committed to the Ducks almost a year ago without taking visits anywhere else. For someone who has probably barely left the state of Oregon in his lifetime, who has opportunities in front for him that very few 18 year-olds ever have, that's a big step.

Indeed, there's nothing wrong with a recruit reopening his recruitment and taking a look around to see what's available out there. Right now too many recruits rush into early decisions without going through the natural process of selecting a college.

Which makes Tyner's flip-flop all the weirder. Why did he need to decommit if he was planning on recommitting a day later? Why didn't Tyner go through and at least take some visits as he originally planned? Was Tyner just looking for some added exposure by putting his name out there?

We never know what'll happen in recruiting. It's just too volatile to fully understand anything.