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Washington Football Recruiting: Huskies Target Eddie Vanderdoes, Reuben Foster

Tosh Lupoi, Justin Wilcox and the Washington Huskies are taking a hard look at two of the top defenders in the 2013 recruiting class in Reuben Foster and Eddie Vanderdoes.

Otto Greule Jr

Will Tosh Lupoi work his magic in UDub? He's certainly coming up with some pretty impressive targets. I doubt anyone thought he'd have Washington up in the mix for a player of Reuben Foster's caliber. Foster is considered the top inside linebacker by multiple sites in this class, and the Husky coaching staff likes their chances.

Foster has a mostly-SEC list of Auburn, Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Miami, and South Carolina comprising his final set of schools. That Washington is even in the running is impressive.

There is the matter of that tattoo though.

Another big name checking out Washington? Top defensive lineman Eddie Vanderdoes, someone who's closer to home in California. It doesn't hurt that Lupoi would be Vanderdoes's defensive line coach either.

Vanderdoes still remains committed to USC, but he does seem very interested in taking a look up at what's happening at Washington, so they are definitely on the shortlist. If anything, it's at least generating buzz in a Husky program that had a modest but hardly groundbreaking 7-5 season.

This is why Sarkisian brought Lupoi in to team up with Justin Wilcox. Both Lupoi and Wilcox have plenty of history together at Cal, and their synergy helped land perhaps the best West Coast recruit of 2012 in Shaq Thompson.

If the two can land some top recruits together and team them up with stars in the making like Thompson, suddenly UW's defense becomes one of the fiercest in the conference and Washington can go out and compete with anyone out there.