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Desmond Harrison Recruiting: USC, Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona State Top Four

Top junior college offensive tackle Desmond Harrison has two Pac-12 and two Big 12 schools in his top four, but he's in no hurry to decide between USC, Oklahoma, Texas and ASU.


There is probably no more of a swing position in college football than the offensive tackle. Have a good one, and the offense suddenly leapfrogs by miles. The quarterback is more assured in the pocket. The line doesn't always have to worry about sliding to the edge. The team can feel more comfortable at running and attacking all holes.

The USC Trojans lost Matt Kalil and took major steps back in their domination at the line of scrimmage. The Arizona State Sun Devils haven't had a great offensive tackle in forever. So naturally they want a quick fix, which is why Desmond Harrison is a natural target for all of these guys. Getting the potential top junior college offensive tackle talent out there is someone you have to try and get, particularly when there are clear weaknesses to patch up and no real offensive lineman out there that really wow you.

Here is Harrison's top four as far as we know at this point.

Harrison visited USC this past weekend, and he'll be targeted plenty the next couple of weeks.