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Nico Falah Recruiting: USC Commit Visits Washington, Huskies An Alternative Choice?

USC commit Nico Falah checked out the Washington Huskies and the Oklahoma Sooners, but still remains committed to the Trojans. But some developments seem to indicate he's considering UW.


Nico Falah is one of the main USC offensive line recruits the Trojans hope to bring on this season to ensure their team gets better in the trenches. Falah remains committed to USC at the moment, but he's still taking his visits.

Falah talked about the recruiting processs with WeAreSC, the ESPN USC affiliate. He talked about a visit to the Washington Huskies and a visit he took to Oklahoma. Is Falah thinking hard about UW ($)?

"Seattle did change something for me. If I don’t go to USC, I’m going to Washington for sure," Falah said. "I like Washington a lot. I’m still committed to USC, but if anything happens, I’m going to Washington. That’s my second choice right now."

Regardless of those comments, Falah still remains 100% USC despite his visit to Washington. Did things change with Oklahoma? Falah had these interesting tweets during and after his visit that might indicate things. THINGS!

It does seem like Falah enjoyed his Oklahoma visit, but players always seem to enjoy their visit.

Indeed, you never know the intent with college football coaches as to what they desire with the recruits they get. Are some recruits wanted by the schools that are after them? Or are they just needs? You just never really know.

Just expect USC to keep Falah until he says otherwise.

UPDATE: Falah also changed his Twitter profile photos. The profile once was filled with USC photos, but have now been changed back to default high school photos. Could mean nothing, but you know, tea leaves and all that.