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Torrodney Prevot Recruiting: USC DE Commit Will Check Out Notre Dame

USC defensive commit Torrodney Prevot will take a look at Notre Dame just before LOI day.

Harry How

Another USC Trojans defensive target is taking a look around the college football landscape. Torrodney Prevot is a top outside linebacker/defensive end prospect who would feature prominently in future Trojan pass rushes. He's a top recruit from Texas who figures to be a critical part of USC going forward. He's been solid to USC for about five months, but now he's taking a last look around. He has his eyes set on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish for an official.

Is Prevot seriously considering Notre Dame or is he just angling for a visit before he firms up to the Trojans? It's unclear. Here is what Ryan Abraham of Inside Troy is saying

It's looking like Prevot might just be taking a gander at what South Bend has to offer for him, although it is interesting the visit comes so close to LOI day. It looks as if Notre Dame will be the last school he really gets to examine before making his decision, but it's also pretty late in the process so it might just be something he wants to check out before confirming a USC commitment.