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Reuben Foster recruiting: Washington Huskies visit goes well

Reuben Foster enjoyed his visit to Washington, although it's pretty vague as to whether it improved the status of the Huskies to race the SEC country recruit.


The Washington Huskies have a lot of work to do to pull lin Reuben Foster. Foster is a boy from the South, he's been the best inside linebacker for years, and the SEC isn't about to party ways with him. Many schools want him first and foremost, which will make it hard to escape the SEC dragnet.

And early tweets are starting to indicate that Foster at least enjoyed his visit, which is the first step toward a potential upset shocker in the long run.

Tosh Lupoi is sure making sure no one has forgotten that he's one of the best recruiters in the business. He's going after all the big names, including Foster, and he'll give recruits every shot he can to try and bring them on board. Whatever his pitch was, it sure must have impressed Foster, because he definitely seems to have Washington a contender in many recruiting races they probably shouldn't really be in.

Still, Auburn, Georgia, and the rest of the SEC schools will be trying to ensure this is just a wild card.