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National Signing Day guesses, Pac-12 Edition: UCLA football cleaning up?

Will the UCLA Bruins continue to clean up on National Signing Day? Eddie Vanderdoes, Kylie Fitts, Isaac Savaiinaea and Asiantii Woulard could all end up in Westwood. Also thoughts on Tyree and Tyrell Robinson, L.J. Moore, Cameron Hunt, Dontre Wilson, Torrodney Prevot and others.


There are numerous remaining uncommitted players out there. The Pac-12 has a bunch of potential prospects who could end up anywhere. Our latest SB Nation projections have the UCLA Bruins cleaning up with most of them. I pretty much agree with all of these projections for the most part.

Up in the air

Eddie Vanderdoes: Vanderdoes is quite possibly the best defensive tackle in the country, and the one-time USC commit has narrowed his final list to five schools, including USC, UCLA, Notre Dame, Alabama and Washington.

It feels like Vanderdoes is a USC-UCLA battle though, and I'd have to say that the edge goes narrowly to the Bruins because of his relationship with Angus McClure. But he could end up back at SC if he feels it enough; his decommitment never seem forced and the Trojans have always wanted him. (UCLA 50%, USC 40%, other school 10%.)

Kylie Fitts: Fitts is a tough one. Fitts really likes USC, really wants to attend USC, but got screwed over due to scholarship limitations and another Trojan recruit taking his early entree status. Will Fitts really stick with USC after all of that? Fitts doesn't want to leave the West Coast, so it seems like a USC/UCLA battle, and the Bruins have made a convincing pitch. Narrow edge Bruins, but it's narrow. (UCLA 51%, USC 49%. Elliott predicts UCLA)

Tyree and Tyrell Robinson: Probably one of the most interesting races left. The twins became Ducks early but started shopping around since then, including looks at USC and Washington. But the Robinsons never decommitted, so Oregon still is in the driver's seat. (Oregon 70%, Washington 30%)

L.J. Moore: One of the biggest mysteries on the board. Moore is probably staying West, but where? Right now the lean is Beaver, but that could change this weekend. He could end up anywhere among the top schools on his list. (Oregon State 30%, Cal 25%, ASU 25%, Elsewhere 20%)

Cameron Hunt: Toughest one on the board. Hunt has been with Cal for awhile but Oregon made an incredible final push. Right now the lean is that he flips to the Ducks on signing day, but I'm not making bets on this one. (Oregon 52%, Cal 48%)

Dontre Wilson: Wilson's been looking around since the departure of Chip Kelly, and Ohio State did make a huge impression on him. Texas will try and make their pitch to keep him in-state, and the Longhorns are generally very good at that. Oregon is going to need to hang on here.
(Oregon 40%, Texas 35%, Ohio State 25%)

Daeshon Hall: Huskies landed a good one here. They gotta hold onto him as Texas schools will try and poach him away. (Washington 60%, TCU 20%, Texas A&M 20%)

Torrodney Prevot: No clue at all. The Aggies feel like they have a great shot and the Trojans are hanging on here. Feels like USC might lose yet another commit from this class (A&M 60%, USC 40%)

Jordan Cunningham: Even less of a clue. Miami and Vanderbilt are the teams Stanford is competing with, and none of them really seem to have a huge edge. (Stanford 40%, Vanderbilt 30%, Miami 30%)

Cameron Judge: Judge is Pac-12, but it's a question of whether UCLA will have space for him. Judge might very well end up flipping to Arizona State on Signing Day with the Bruins running out of space. (ASU 65%, UCLA 35%).

Pretty certain he'll be Pac-12

Isaac Savaiinaea: Texas A&M had a much better shot before Brian Polian headed off to Nevada. Now it feels like Isaac will be off to Westwood along with a host of other undecideds (90% UCLA, 10% Texas A&M)

Asiantii Woulard: The Bruins have yet to land a quarterback in this class. Woulard could be that guy as he prepares for an NSD announcement. But Woulard has kept pretty quiet and he could end up anywhere. Definite Bruins lean though. (75% UCLA, 24% Clemson, 1% elsewhere)


Priest Willis: Willis is still hearing from LSU, but this one feels like it's pretty much over. Willis and Tahaan Goodman (best friends) signed on the same day a week ago, and are ready to be Bruins (99% UCLA, 1% LSU)

Christian Morris: The Tennessee offensive lineman is going to put two hats on the table, one of them being UCLA (his current committed school). The mystery seems to make it more intriguing, but I'd have to guess it's for show. (80% UCLA, 20% Tennessee)

Nico Falah: Washington put on the full court press the past month, but Falah seems pretty solid to the Trojans and I doubt he's flipping at this point (90% USC, 10% Washington)

Heading elsewhere

A'Shawn Robinson: Robinson has taken a look at the USC Trojans, but that has cooled down for awhile and there really hasn't been much news on this front for awhile. Probably sticking with Austin. (Texas 80%, USC & Alabama 10% each)