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Oregon State Football: Mike Riley's Battle Cry Is 'Hip, Hip, Hooray!'

How does Mike Riley rally Oregon State on a week-to-week basis?

Mike Riley is straight out of the Twilight Zone of college football coaching. The man doesn't ever seem to get angry, curse out his players, or ever really change his expression on the sideline. He's really down-to-earth, seems to enjoy his job, and does most of this without really going gung-ho on the recruiting trail. And he can do all of that while hustling his opponents out of a win on any given Saturday. That's a hell of a coach to have in a sports filled with miscreants and robber barons.

So what's his secret inside the Oregon State Beaver locker room? War chants? Pumping guys up one-by-one? Heck, is it really just the dangling of a trip to In-N-Out on road trips?

Nope. It's apparently being the best possible youth soccer dad you can possibly be. Here he is rallying the troops after another big victory to get to 4-0.