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Cal Football: Most Disappointing Pac-12 Team This Weekend After Big Game Loss

The California Golden Bears and the Washington Huskies had the most discouraging performances in last week. Cal fell to Stanford in losing their third BIg Game in a row and Washington fell to Arizona.


Andy Wooldridge, Building The Dam, (Oregon St.): A week with 4 blowouts, none of which were as close as the score suggests, that's like asking which ship that sank got the wettest.

Thankfully, not many saw Washington and Colorado get dismantled, and Arizona St.'s destruction was obscured by an important NFL game. But California was at home, in a rivalry game, and on national "Big Fox" tv. And the Bears were anything but Golden.

Cal had a responsibility to themselves and the conference to show up for a party they were hosting, yet they came up MIA. So that has to be the most disappointing of them all.

Jack Follman, Pacific Takes -
Washington. I have watched pretty much every Husky game for more than 10 years now, and I don't know if I can think of one that made me more worried about the program than Saturday's. It's one thing to get blown out by Oregon or LSU, but the Huskies looked helpless in every facet of the game against an Arizona team that was 0-3 in the Pac-12.

Adam Butler, Pac Hoops & Pacific Takes (Arizona) - I think there are a lot of Pac-12 teams this week who are disappointed with their performances but I'm not sure that any particular one was grossly more disappointing than another. I'd have to say Washington, however, based on the fact that amongst all the games, this one appeared to be the most evenly matched the produced a less-than-even final score.

Trevor Wong, Conquest Chronicles (USC):
Cal. I figured this game would be close considering the rivalry between the two teams and Stanford's two performances on the road this season. Cal barely bothered to show up, though, turning the ball over three times and letting Stepfan Taylor run wild.

Nick Kranz, California Golden Blogs (Cal): How can I say anything other than Cal the week that my team loses the Big Game? In retrospect what happened was hardly a shock considering how Stanford's front seven has played and how Cal's offensive line has played. But it's still painful to watch a Cal offense play with such utter impotence against a team that Tedford used to routinely dominate.

David Piper, Addicted to Quack (Oregon): Nobody. I mean, I suppose Washington and Cal fans were disappointed, but this week went pretty much how I expected it to go. Washington probably expected to be more competitive, but a loss--even a fairly big loss--didn't come as a huge surprise.

Scott Allen, Rule of Tree (Stanford): Cal. I expected the Cardinal to win, but I didn't think they'd be able to make it look so easy. The Golden Bears' offense was inept and the Cal defense somehow failed to cover the Cardinal's only dependable pass catcher, 6-foot-6 tight end Zach Ertz.