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Oregon Football: Can USC, Stanford Or Oregon State Trip Up The Ducks?

Is there anyone left to stop the Oregon Ducks? The USC Trojans, Stanford Cardinal and Oregon State Beavers appear to be the only teams left. Our Pac-12 writers roundtable.

Christian Petersen

After Oregon dismantled Arizona State, which team would you consider the most likely to trip up the Ducks in the Pac-12?

Andy Wooldridge, Building The Dam (Oregon State): USC. The Trojans have the horses to get the job done, and Oregon St.'s offense isn't reliable enough to play video games against the Ducks.

Jack Follman, Pacific Takes (USC): Chip Kelly has simply never lost to a team that didn't have more talent than the Ducks and the Trojans are the only team that really fits that bill, maybe Stanford too but it's in Autzen and the Cardinal haven't matched up well the last two years. The Trojans also get the first of likely two games at home.

Nick Kranz, California Golden Blogs (Cal): The same answer it always is. Only USC has a shot.

David Piper, Addicted to Quack (Oregon): I suppose USC, as they have the most talent. But the real answer is that the only team that can trip up Oregon is Oregon themselves. I haven't seen anybody in this conference that can play four quarters with the Ducks.

Adam Butler, PacHoops & Pacific Takes (Arizona):
I'm going to go ahead and say Oregon State because why the hell not? The Beavers are compiling a pretty sound little season here and I'm a firm believer that anything can happen in a rivalry game. By that time they'll be clicking again with Sean Mannion and it should stack up to be a very interesting Civil War.

Trevor Wong, Conquest Chronicles (USC)
: I'd say both USC and Oregon State both have legitimate chances. The Trojans because, well, they're the Trojans and have the talent and athletes to match up with the Ducks. For the Beavers, it's a rivalry game, and like Adam mentioned, I believe anything can happen in those matchups.