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Notre Dame To The Rose Bowl? Pac-12 Might Not Get Second BCS Team

Could Notre Dame end up in the Rose Bowl in lieu of a second Pac-12 team? The BCS might not be able to select a second Pac-12 team if they don't finish ranked high enough.


Will the Pac-12 send an at-large team to the BCS? Should they?

Avinash Kunnath, Pacific Takes & California Golden Blogs:
Might not happen because there's no guarantee a second Pac-12 team will reach that top 14 ranking. For any team to do that, they'd probably have to beat Oregon. The team with the best shot is UCLA;if they can beat Stanford and USC to get to ten wins, that'd be enough. USC also might just sneak in there, but they'd probably be detonated if they lose to Oregon again.. It'd be kind of disappointing not to send a second team, considering how well the Pac-12 has performed relative to other conferences. But they'll probably need Clemson and Oklahoma to lose first.

Andy Wooldridge, Building The Dam: The conference may be bailed out by the 2 team limit, and the fact that the SEC will likely have 6 teams in the top 14, and none in the top 2. The problem could arise from Clemson likely beating a beat up South Carolina team and Florida St. upsetting Florida. Better root for the Gators. And why shouldn't they? Anyone who can send a team to any BCS bowl should (and will), given the payout. I don't understand that question.

Jack Follman, Pacific Takes
: I don't think so. If things play out how I think they will, I think USC has a shot as I think they will score two huge wins over UCLA and Notre Dame, but it will all come down to if a second loss to Oregon knocks them out of the BCS Top 14, which I think it will. Stanford, Oregon State and UCLA are all possibilities, but I see them all losing at least one more time down the stretch and each of them would probably have to run the table to qualify.

Adam Butler, Pac Hoops & Pacific Takes:
I can't see it happening. Much of our dialogue early in the season centered around the depth of the conference and I think that, come BCS selection day, that will come back to bite the conference in the bottom. That's not to say they don't have a chance but, as of today, Oregon has both the auto and at-large BCS votes. It'll take a USC or UCLA win-out to get into the conversation but I just don't see it happening.