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Pac-12 Championship: UCLA, Stanford Fight For The Roses

The UCLA Bruins and the Stanford Cardinal will be battling for the right to attend the 2013 Rose Bowl. Who will survive

Stephen Dunn

You just faced them, so you have a pretty good idea: Talk about what Stanford needs to do to beat UCLA again.

Hank Waddles, Go Mighty Card: It's tempting to say that they should just do the same thing all over again, but it obviously won't be that simple. Even though Jim Mora says the Bruins were doing their best to win the game, I don't think anyone is completely convinced. I expect we'll see a wider variation of running plays for Johnathan Franklin, and I think Brett Hundley will more involved in the running game as well. The problem for UCLA, however, is that teams have tried dozens of different running attacks against the Cardinal, and none of them has worked.

Scott Allen, Rule of Tree: Stepfan Taylor is plenty rested and I'm not particularly concerned about the Bruins' defense, but I expect UCLA to open up the playbook a little more on offense. I think the key for Stanford will be putting pressure on Brett Hundley like they were able to in Pasadena and prevent him from making plays with his feet.

Ryan Rosenblatt, Bruins Nation: Play much, much crisper and aggressively. UCLA looked tentative and made a lot of mistakes last week that they cannot afford to make this week. Simply put, Stanford is a better team than UCLA and no matter what happens on Friday, that will still be the case, but UCLA can be better on one day and go to the Rose Bowl. That is a possibility and that means being aggressive (the coaching staff in particular) and playing error-free because that's the only way you beat a team that is better than you.

Make your Pac-12 Championship predictions.

Ryan Rosenblatt, Bruins Nation: While UCLA has a chance, and a pretty good one at that, you can't get past the fact that Stanford is a better team and is playing at home. Also, getting the piss beat out of you by Stanford (they beat the piss out of everyone) twice in six days is not enviable. 31-24 Cardinal.

Hank Waddles, Go Mighty Card: Stanford 34, UCLA 10. I just can't imagine that the Bruins will be able to put together much of a threat. Book your Rose Bowl tickets now!

Scott Allen, Rule of Tree: Stanford 31, UCLA 13. The weather could turn this into a grind-it-out affair, but I don't think it'll be close.