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Pac-12 Bowl Projections: Stanford To Rose, Oregon To Fiesta

The Stanford Cardinal are headed to the Rose Bowl and the Oregon Ducks are almost certainly on their way to the Fiesta. Who else is heading where in the latest Pac-12 bowl projections?

Jeff Gross

The Stanford Cardinal and the Oregon Ducks are headed back to the BCS for the third straight year, only this time the roles are reversed.

Rose Bowl: Stanford (Pac-12 champions) vs. Wisconsin (Big Ten champions)

Stanford will face Wisconsin in what figures to be a battle of rhinos. The Cardinal and the Badgers are two of the most physical teams in the trenches and they'll give each other quite a battle.

Fiesta Bowl: Oregon (BCS at-large) vs. Kansas State (Big 12 champions)

Clearly, the reason the Ducks and the Wildcats cancelled their regular season matchup was because they knew they were destined to meet in a bowl game. It isn't quite the one they were projecting two weeks ago, but nevertheless...

The next two bowls are probably the only ones on the board that no one is sure about. Oregon State and UCLA might most definitely flip-flop, as could their opponents.

Alamo Bowl: Oregon State (Pac-12 No. 2 seed) vs. Oklahoma State (Big 12 No. 3 seed)

A nine win season for the Beavers capped off by an absolute obliteration of Nicholls State should be all the assurances the Alamo Bowl needs to pick up Oregon State. Oklahoma State will be the next seed behind Texas, who end up in the Cotton Bowl.

Holiday Bowl: UCLA (Pac-12 No. 3 seed) vs. Texas Tech (Big 12 No. 5 seed)

A great turnaround by UCLA will send the Bruins to the Holiday Bowl, which is the first real bowl the Bruins have been to since Karl Dorrell. TCU is supposedly headed to the Wild Wings Bowl, Baylor checking out the Texas Bowl, and West Virginia probably trying out the Pinstripe Bowl, Texas Tech is likely headed to San Diego.

Sun Bowl: USC (Pac-12 No. 4 seed) vs. Georgia Tech (ACC No. 4 seed)

ACC rules indicate Georgia Tech can't go any further down than the Sun Bowl, which probably means this is where they end up. The Trojans are ready to win their first ever Sun Bowl!

Maaco Vegas Bowl: Washington (Pac-12 No. 5 seed) vs. Boise State (MWC No. 1 seed)

The Huskies get a Vegas trip and a date with a down Boise squad. It'd be nice for Washington to finish off their season right here with a win.

Kraft Fight Hunger: Arizona State (Pac-12 No. 6 seed) vs. Navy

ASU saved themselves from the bottom-rung bowl with a Territorial Cup victory. Now they get a New Year's week trip to San Francisco and a chance to compete with the original triple option squad in Navy.

New Mexico Bowl: Arizona (Pac-12 No. 7 seed) vs. Nevada

Wow, this is the first game of the bowl season? Fannnnnnnn-tastic. Read-option vs. pistol should bring out the fireworks.