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Better Pac-12 coaching hire: Mike MacIntyre for Colorado or Sonny Dykes for Cal?

The Pac-12 will have two new head coaches next year. Will Sonny Dykes of the California Golden Bears or Mike MacIntyre of the Colorado Buffaloes be the better hire?

Bob Levey

Which hire impressed you more, Mike MacIntyre or Sonny Dykes?

Jack Blanchat - Rule of Tree: I think both hires are fantastic, but I was probably more impressed by Colorado hiring MacIntyre. He fits what the Buffaloes need so well (a person who can build a program) and they were such a disaster last season that I think this hire was basically perfect. Dykes was a good hire for Cal, but they also have a much more attractive program than Colorado.

Andy Wooldridge - Building The Dam: Mike MacIntyre. He built a pretty complete program at San Jose St. Think about that for a minute. And that's what Colorado is going to need. Quick fixes rarely work in the Pac-12, and that's what I sense California is looking for in Sonny Dykes. Instant offense will sell tickets sooner than a solid program rebuilt over a period of years, but I'll have to see sustained defense before I'm sold on Dykes, or anyone else, in Berkeley.

Jack Follman - Pacific Takes: I think both were good, not great hires of about equal level, but I would have to say Dykes might be a little better because he has proven success in the conference from his time with Arizona where he was a big part in turning around their offense.

Michael Preston - CougCenter: Sonny Dykes and it's okay that my Mike Leach coaching tree bias is showing. Everywhere he's gone, the offense has turned to gold be it Texas Tech, Arizona or Louisiana Tech. Cal needs someone to get the fanbase excited about Golden Bears football again and Dykes is the best man for the task.

Sean Reynolds - Block U: Sonny Dykes, though I think both hires were good. Dykes wins out, though, because of his past coaching in the Pac-12.

Adam Butler, Pac Hoops: I think these hires are a tie. Both guys were looking to get out of dodge as Louisiana Tech declined their bowl and both jumped ship after just three seasons as HC. If I'm picking one, it has to be the Sonny Dykes hire because Colorado AD, Mike Bohn, did everything he could to make his hunt as loud as possible.

Nick Kranz, California Golden Blogs: Tough to pick between them - I think both hires fit the needs of each program. Cal needed a coach who could come in and immediately overhaul an offense that had stagnated badly over the last few years, and Sonny Dykes certainly sounds like that guy. Colorado needed a coach who could rebuild everything. And although it would be tough to find a program that has hit rock-bottom as hard as Colorado, San Jose State would certainly qualify.