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Pac-12, SEC, ACC: Rank the conferences!

Florida State is ranked above Oregon right now, but would you consider the ACC to be ahead of the Pac-12?

Joe Robbins

Based on Florida State sitting just ahead of Oregon to start the BCS rankings, how would you rank these three conferences: SEC, Pac-12, ACC? Why do you rank them this way?

Jack Follman, Pacific Takes

1. SEC 2. Pac-12 3. ACC - How many national championships in-a-row has the SEC. They are the top until otherwise, have more elite teams than anyone else and more depth. The Pac-12 has one really good team, a team that should be good and then a bunch of solid question marks. The ACC just doesn't have the depth to compete with the SEC and Pac-12 yet.

Jason Bartel, Arizona Desert Swarm

1. SEC

2. Pac-12

3. ACC

Georgia and Florida dealing with all their injuries certainly hurts the depth at the top of the SEC, but Mizzou seems to be making up for that, and Auburn as well. The ACC is definitely not as deep as the Pac-12, so that's why I would put the Pac ahead of them. That said, FSU has some pretty impressive showings so far this year, and I believe that it's fine they're ahead of Oregon right now. If the Ducks make it through the tough stretch of their schedule, it'll all work itself out and they'll end up being ahead of the Seminoles.

Josh Schlichter, Pacific Takes

I've lost a lot of respect for the SEC in the past two weeks, but the Pac-12 has also lost a bit of ground with UCLA and Washington falling in convincing fashion last weekend. Still though, I think the class of the Pac-12 is now better than any other conference out there and I would place the Pac-12 first on that list, followed by the SEC and ACC.