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Pac-12 football schedule: Will Stanford vs. Oregon State steal the show from UCLA vs. Oregon?

It's a big day for the state of Oregon on Saturday

Ezra Shaw

Which of the Pac-12 matchups this weekend are you most looking forward to and why?

Jack Follman, Pacific Takes: The obvious answer seems like UCLA at Oregon but I doubt that the Bruins can make a game of it, so I'm going with Stanford at Oregon State. A great matchup of smashmouth vs aerial assault that I think will be very close and tell us a lot about both teams. The Cardinal finally looked like the team we expected them to going into the season last week, especially on the defense and the Beavers have looked better every week, but this is their first true test.

Jason Bartel, Arizona Desert Swarm: Stanford at Oregon State. I just love the matchup of Sean Mannion against this Cardinal defense. And it's in Corvallis. Oregon/UCLA would be more interesting if it was in the Rose Bowl.

Josh Schlichter, Pacific Takes: Another blockbuster leads the way as UCLA heads to Eugene, which is easily the most exciting game on tap this week. Stanford-Oregon State may be the most interesting, though. Brett Hundley was exposed a bit last week against the Cardinal, can Sean Mannion best the Cardinal defense?