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NFL Draft Busts: Dion Jordan, Jordan Poyer Worrisome 2013 Prospects?

Which Pac-12 prospects will bust in this week's draft?

Joe Robbins

Which Pac-12 draft prospect do you think has a chance to be a bust?

Jack Follman, Pacific Takes: I think Dion Jordan will either be a perennial All-Pro or a player that just never does anything. A guy with as good of measurables as he has but had limited production in college either finally realizes their potential at the next level or flames out and shows that football is about more than combine numbers and what looks good on paper.

Gekko Mojo, UW Dawg Pound: Like Jack, I think Dion Jordan may "bust" ... not because he isn't a phenomenal talent (he is), but because he's getting considerable hype as a pass rush specialist a la Bruce Irvin when, in fact, he hasn't performed at an elite level in doing that over his career. However, I suspect he'll be alright and, so, I'm focused on another Oregonian - the Beavers Jordan Poyer. Jordan is a bit slow for an NFL cornerback and I'm not sure that he is big enough to be considered a "big DB" no matter how physical his game is. If he goes in the second round, he may have bust written all over him.