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Holiday Bowl Pits Pac-12 No. 3 vs. Big Ten Through 2014-19

The Big Ten and Pac-12 continue their postseason partnership.

Kent Horner

More bowl shuffling in the Pac-12 pecking order! The Holiday Bowl becomes the third bowl to feature a Pac-12 team battling a B1G team. The Big Ten will replace the Big 12 as the Pac-12's primary opponent in this arrangement and the arrangement is set to last the next six years.

The Holiday Bowl will remain the second most important bowl not named Rose for the Pac-12, as the Alamo Bowl will have the second selection to pit against the third best Big 12 team. It should remain one of the feature attractions of the postseason, as the Holiday is well-renowned for its high-scoring, high-flying, tequila-swigging affairs. The Big Ten hasn't made it clear where their selection will lie, although you'd imagine it'll be somewhere around the tier of the Capital One and Outback Bowls, which pit Big Ten teams against SEC opponents on New Year's Day.

The Big Ten will be facing the Pac-12 additionally in the Fight Hunger Bowl. That announcement was made earlier today. That provides the conferences with a good opportunity to make up for their failed football scheduling collaboration in the regular season. Both sides should see each other plenty and get well-acquainted with each other starting in the 2014 campaign.

Here's the press release of the Holiday Bowl announcement.

The Holiday Bowl will enter a new era in 2014 as it begins a six-year partnership with the Big Ten Conference and extends its current relationship with the Pac-12 Conference for six years, bowl officials announced today.

The Holiday Bowl will have the second pick from the Pac-12 after the College Football Playoff structure per selection guidelines established by the Conference. The Alamo Bowl has the first selection. The Big Ten team will be determined after discussion between bowl and conference officials to create the best possible matchup.