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Pacific Soundbites: Stanford football overwhelmingly the best defense in the Pac-12

Oregon and Arizona State have some catching up to do to compete with the mighty Cardinal defense


Listen to our full SB Nation at Pac-12 Media Day 2013 podcast here!

Avinash Kunnath, Pacific Takes: We haven't talked about defense at all, which is shocking. This conference is known for its defense.

Anthony Cassino, UW Dawg Pound:

AK: So offensive in general. So who do you guys think will have the best defense in the Pac-12? Defense usually does step up. That's how Stanford upset Oregon last year.

Everyone (including Ben Haber and Cody Ulm of House of Sparky): Stanford [in many iterations].

Jack Follman, Pacific Takes: They got like nine-ten guys in their front seven. They're all big, they're all athletic, they can rotate them in. I think that's why they could compete with Oregon last year. They had so many of the same guys. No one else in the Pac-12 has that.

David Gerhardt, Ralphie Report: You do have other teams in the up-and-up like Arizona State, like Oregon!

AK: Oregon's defense is really good!

Sean Fitzhugh, California Golden Blogs: Underrated every year!

DG: Oregon has lost some players. But they've got guys that are really, really excited about stepping in. And you know other teams as well. They have them. They exist. You don't always get to see it with the offenses that they face week-in and week-out. But teams are catching up.

AK: I think we'll end it there. We'll probably do some other stuff later, but thank you guys for all joining in. I'm glad we could all come out here for Pac-12 Media Day.