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Jael Mary: USC vs. Arizona State the Pac-12 game of the year so far?

Lots of great candidates from an exciting first half of the Pac-12 season.

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Ryan McGinn: Arizona State and USC is my game of the year. The #JaelMary will live on forever, in glory for ASU, in infamy for USC and as a perfect example of why you high-point the football for defensive backs everywhere.

Sam Barbee: Arizona State-USC was a really fun game to watch. Comebacks are so much fun to watch and Hail Marys are even better. Add Arizona-Cal into that mix because of the bomb as time runs out. But I'm going with Cal-Washington State. I mean, 120 points? Really? 120 pass attempts? Really?! No defense was played but my goodness is that an exciting football game to watch.

Trace Travers: Cal-Wazzu for the craziness, Oregon vs. Michigan State for the demonstration of Oregon's extra gear and ASU-USC for the worst hail mary defense I have ever seen.

Patrick Ghidossi:  It's almost impossible to choose just a few, each weekend has brought with it its own wonderful form of insanity. WSU-Cal would probably top my list, I'm a sucker for offensive absurdity and this one was as fun as it gets. The two Hail Mary games were incredible and deserve to top this list as well. Cal-Colorado was also a great one, going back and forth, tied late, decided in double overtime. How about Cal though? They might not always win, but when they play you are guaranteed a wild time. I'm leaving Arizona-Oregon off because when I think of that game I mainly remember the officiating, which is quite sad. It's been a hell of a Pac-12 season to this point, and I hope the second half continues to be just as bonkers.

Mark Schipper: I liked Stanford at Washington. Not because it was an especially well played game, but because it was close and because I think Washington is going to be back in the mix with Chris Peterson as their head coach, despite the loss. Peterson is such a good coach people took it for granted the Huskies would look great immediately. It will take a few years to install his precision, disciplined system into a football program. I look forward to a conference with Washington, Oregon and Stanford strong in the North. It’s been long enough now with Washington just good, and it’s time for the country to be reminded that the Huskies are a nationally relevant football school.

I thought the Oregon-Michigan State game was the best game and the most fun. I know that’s an intersectional game, but I thought it was a good one for the conference. The Game Day crowd, the great tailgates, the Rose Bowl in September and the back and forth nature of that game, which combined competent offense with some slugging on defense, was the best to this point.

I can’t stand watching Wazzu and Cal’s football teams. I don’t mind spread, Air Raid or uptempo offenses, but when your games turn into 7-7 passing drills that last five and a half hours and end with a basketball score, I’m out. That’s a different game than the one I signed on to watch. It’s not a curmudgeon or Old School strain in me, either. I happen to like defense, too. That Baylor/West Virginia scoreathon from a few years ago, for example, I count amongst the worst things I’ve ever watched. Those games are a kickoff (maybe/probably a TD), two plays and then a 70 yard score. Then it just reverses itself to the opponent. I’m not exactly sure I understand how they can be so bad at defense. It seems like it would be less work just to get a little good than to be that exquisitely bad. It’s almost an art with those teams.

Josh Estes: With parity, Pac-12 fans have been treated to a lot of great games so far. I'm not sure if any were as exciting as ASU at Southern Cal. Oregon versus Michigan State was great for the conference, and Utah clobbering Michigan in the Big House were a lot of fun to watch--but the fourth quarter at the Coliseum is unmatched. It will require stiff competition for any game to knock off the Jael Mary from the top spot this season.