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Pac-12 Bowl Projections 10/8: Stanford headed to the Fiesta Bowl

Almost impossible to project bowls in this conference right now.

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Fiesta Bowl - Stanford vs. Ohio State

In a world of madness in the Pac-12, I am going to go with the only thing that has looked consistent, Stanford's defense. Stanford's offense is very concerning, but I feel like they have the least weaknesses right now, the most consistent game plan and know how to win. Ohio State had an ugly loss early, but should settle in running through a soft Big Ten. I think the Fiesta Bowl would jump at the chance to have a quasi Rose Bowl in Phoenix.

Alamo Bowl - Oregon vs. TCU

Another tough call with how even the conference is, but I think the Ducks have the most talent of the cluster of teams at the top of the Pac-12 outside of Stanford, so I am going to put them here. They also are going to be a very attractive choice for bowls with their popularity and Marcus Mariota, so if there are a bunch of teams with similar records, Oregon will likely always be the first taken off the board. I think Baylor and Oklahoma are still destined for either the Playoff or one of the BCSy bowls, leaving TCU as a great option for an in-state bowl.

Holiday Bowl - UCLA vs. Penn State

The Bruins have just seemed to play uneven all season, but I think they will still end up winning the South when it is all said and done. They will be a very enticing candidate for a bowl down the 405 especially if Brett Hundley can bounce back from a so-so game against Utah. The Big Ten is an overall mess and I expect Penn State to finish somewhere in the upper-middle and be an attractive option for bowls with their fan base who hasn't been able to travel to one in a while.

San Francisco Bowl - Arizona vs. Northwestern

I know I should, but I just don't feel that great about Arizona. I think they lose a few games down the stretch and challenge for the South title, but don't pull it out, tumbling them down the list of Pac-12 bowl games. Northwestern is the hottest team in the Big Ten right now and look poised to climb the ladder in the troubled conference.

Sun Bowl - Arizona State vs. Virginia

The Sun Devils are a hard team to figure out, get absolutely demolished by UCLA at home one week, then steal a win at USC the next. Regardless, they have the speed and talent on offense to finish in the top half of the conference and head over to El Paso. Virginia made a name for themselves by challenging UCLA in their opener and should finish in the upper half of the ACC.

Las Vegas Bowl - USC vs. Boise State

I am starting to sell my Sarkisian USC stock. I have a feeling they are going to lose a handful of games this season and end up in an underwhelming bowl, the same underwhelming one they were in last year. I thought Nevada would sneak up an win the Mountain West, but now I am thinking that Boise State is going to bounce back and predictably win the conference.

Cactus Bowl - Cal vs. Texas

Cal's defense may be a disaster, but they look like they can score against anyone and with Oregon State and Washington looking very pedestrian in the North, I think they can push past both of them by turning their match-ups into shootouts. Texas isn't very good, but I think they will crawl to bowl eligibility and get the Big 12's last automatic bowl spot.