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#8 Mike Riley vs. #9 Mike Leach: Vote for the better Pac-12 football coach!

For more on Riley and the Beavers, check out Building the Dam. For more on Leach and the Cougars, go to Coug Center.

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For a better explanation of the Best Pac-12 Football Coach death match, go here.

(Bracket available here).

#8 Mike Riley, Oregon St. Beavers head coach: Riley continues to be one of the most unheralded college football coaches out there. He has turned Oregon State into a solid team most seasons and an occasional conference title contender. In Corvallis, no less. The Beavers don't always have great years, but for the most part they are competitive with the best of them.

#9 Mike Leach, Washington St. Cougars head coach: Leach has become an iconic figure in college football for his awesome quotes and just all-around idiosyncracies. He is slowly bringing Washington State back from years of painful rebuilding, and they made a bowl game for the first time in a decade last season.

Prediction: Leach might have a solid edge. He is beloved by college football fans and will be really tough to beat. However, Riley has had a far more successful Pac-12 resume and has beaten Leach in their two head-to-head meetings. This could be a close match if Oregon State fans turn up in droves, but otherwise Leach has a real good shot at a win here.

Vote below! Poll closes at the end of April 10th.