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The Pac-12 Weekly Update: Cody Kessler takes a selfie

Slightly informative news about Pac-12 football. This week, Cody Kessler took a selfie, Utah got new sleeves, and more.

Cody Kessler, thinking about how many selfies he's going to take after practice
Cody Kessler, thinking about how many selfies he's going to take after practice
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Media days are over! Practices have started! The Pac-12 Network announced that it has not yet reached an agreement with DirecTV! That can only mean that WE ARE LESS THAN A MONTH AWAY FROM COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!!

Team Updates


  • Here’s one of the latest videos from RichRod and company, entitled "Arizona Fast #TheNewNormal". Because nothing represents speed like the name of a cancelled NBC sitcom.
    I guess RichRod is pretty psyched for that UCLA game on November 1st.

#18 Arizona State:

  • Panic on the streets of Tempe:


#4 Oregon:
Oregon State:
#15 USC:
  • Reluctant?! That means he actually took the selfie! Does he even care about the rest of his team?   USC will not be good this year and Trojan fans can thank Cody "Me First" Kessler for taking a selfie.
#11 Stanford:
#7 UCLA:
  • In case you missed it, the Bruins and Adidas unveiled new "LA Steel" uniforms, which would be a fitting name if Los Angeles had a steel industry. Also, their undershirt features the downtown LA skyline, which makes sense because they play in downtown LA once every two years.
#25 Washington:
  • This video was weird, especially when Bane started talking:
  • And this video made me want to suit up for Coach Petersen:
Washington State:

Tweet of the Week

This would definitely boost Pac-12 recruiting.

Completely Arbitrary Bowl Projections

I predict that two Pac-12 teams will make the inaugural College Football Playoff. Can this actually happen? Probably not, but I'm going to project it anyway.

Rose Bowl presented by Northwestern Mutual (playoff): Stanford (12-1) vs. Duke (13-0)

Allstate Sugar Bowl (playoff): Arizona State (12-1) vs. Alabama (12-1)

Valero Alamo Bowl: Oregon (10-2) vs. Manchester United (11-5-3)

National University Holiday Bowl: UCLA (9-3) vs. Illinois (8-4)

Cactus Bowl: Washington State (8-4) vs. Northwestern (6-6)

San Francisco Bowl: Utah (7-5) vs. Louisville (8-4)

Hyundai Sun Bowl: Washington (7-6) vs. Boise State (9-3)

Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl: Oregon State (6-6) vs. Ohio State (6-6)

USC goes 5-7 because Cody Kessler took a selfie.